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Pensions are in Danger of Bankruptcy

The private pension system looks increasingly unstable. Tough economic times have led to the collapse of hundreds of private companies big and small alike. When private companies file for bankruptcy, they are for the most part unable to pay for retirement plans they had established.  This inability to pay often is a result of under-funded pensions […]

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Lentil Stew by Chef Lincoln Collins

Lentil Stew Lentil Stew is one of my favorites.  Progresso’s is pretty good, but try this one, it’s better.  You could make this with more water and get a soup, but I like it thicker and I serve it with rice or pasta — shells, rotelli or something like that. This dish is good to […]

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Zucchini Pancakes by Chef Lincoln Collins

Zucchini Pancakes I started making these a couple of years ago, alone and mixed with potatoes at first.  They are quick and easy to make, are delicious by themselves, but also marry well with lots of flavors. Add fresh herbs, or dried, or not depending on your mood. You can make them low fat, using […]

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FETTUCCINE WITH WHITE CLAM SAUCE This is from the Classic Italian Cookbook.  I always use canned clams and figure that it must be great to use real clams, but this is a fast and easy dish this way.  Try it with a Caesar salad and Italian bread.  Excellent for the middle of the week.  Don’t […]

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Is Social Security a Right?

This is a short, but excellent column by Robert Samuelson, noted economist.  The irony of the both the left and right (at least the man on the street), is that most polls show their support for program reduction to be minimal–when the programs impact them. There has much that has been written about the distortions […]

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Do Variable Annuity GLWBs Still Work?

Over the past decade, variable annuities have increasingly been sold based on the “living benefit” (otherwise known as the Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit).  The living benefit is a series of benefit configurations that allows investors to participate in the equity markets, while simultaneously acting as an option guarantee for their account performance—in their income account […]

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Baby Boomers 401k Dreams Go Bust

The Baby Boom generation‘s dreams continue to fade.   Their home prices have been devastated to price levels first attained 6-8 years ago.   This decline in value has in many cases eliminated their principal value invested in their home–historically a dominant element of retiree net worth. Simultaneously is the wake-up call of their 401k […]

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Longest Recession since WWII Officially Ends

Friday morning’s release of Q4 GDP officially put the deepest recession since WWII in the rear-view mirror. After eleven straight quarters below peak levels, chain weighted GDP finally dug itself out of the hole and hit new all-time highs (click to enlarge): via Recession Officially in the Rear-View Mirror – Seeking Alpha. Related articles No […]

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LINKEDIN: BIG LEADS for Financial Advisors by Sean Browne

LinkedIn is now allowing advertisers to target users based on job title, company name and LinkedIn group level. Previously, advertisers could only target users based on geography and industry. Social networks like Facebook have long given advertisers the ability to target users based on shared information about gender, interests and relationship status, among other things, […]

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US Homes Decline more in 3rd Quarter

Residential real estate prices probably dropped in November by the most in a year, signaling housing has yet to join the U.S. rebound, economists said before a report today. The S&P/Case-Shiller index of home values in 20 cities fell 1.6 percent from November 2009, the biggest 12-month decrease since December 2009, according to the median […]

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