Help your clients reach the retirement of their dreams.

Chances are, when your clients first started saving for retirement, they didn’t think about bond prices, market declines, or even recession. Today’s economic climate offers different challenges for retirement saving. Your clients are at a new stage of their lives and their retirement saving plan should reflect what is most important to them now. For all the unknowns, they still envision a retirement that’s financially secure and comfortable, and fixed-index annuities can help get them there.

It’s important that your clients not to go backwards with their savings. Investment losses can dramatically affect their ability to retire comfortably. Fixed-Index annuities offer them a way to keep their savings and earnings safe, while providing attractive paths to credited interest.

Top-Rated Fixed Index Annuities

WealthVest Marketing is pleased to offer world class fixed index products available from top-rated carriers.  Fixed-index annuities provide a retirement planning solution for clients who want upside potential, but do not want to put their principal at risk.

More About Fixed Index Annuities

A fixed-indexed annuity is a type of annuity that grows at the greater of  an annual, guaranteed minimum rate of return; or the interest credited based upon changes from a specified stock market index (such as the S&P 500®), reduced by certain expenses and formulas. At the time the contract is purchased, each product has its own surrender charge period, which is the number of years until there are no more surrender charges on the annuity contract. In a robust stock market, you will not achieve the actual performance of the index due to the formulas, spreads, participation rates, and caps applied to fixed-indexed annuities, as well as because of the absence of dividends; however, in a down market you won’t ever lose principal.

The focuses of a fixed-index annuity are on safety of principal and the opportunity to grow that principal in positive market years. With fixed-indexed annuities, the contract return is the greater of an annual minimum rate or the return of a stock market index (such as the S&P 500®), reduced by certain expenses and formulas. If the chosen index rises sufficiently during a specified period, a greater return is credited to the owner’s contract value for that period. If the stock market index does not rise sufficiently, or even declines, the lower minimum rate is credited (usually 0% – 2%). The owner is guaranteed to receive back at least all principal less withdrawals, provided of course that the owner has held the contract for the minimum period of time specified in the contract.

Secondary Market Income Annuities

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Secondary Market Income Annuities (also called Secondary Market Fixed Annuities, Secondary Market Immediate Annuities and Factored Structured Settlements) refer to the resale of an existing annuity contract or lottery payments, where an insurance company or the state lottery commission (the Payor) guarantees a future stream of payments.* Give us a call to learn more about SMIAs and to receive access to our inventory link.

Life Insurance, Disability, and Long-Term Care Products

In conjunction with our partner, One Resource Group (ORG), WealthVest Marketing offers access to  some of the country’s strongest insurance carriers for life, disability and long-term care products. One Resource Group will help you find the best solution for your clients’ insurance needs.

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